John O’Reilly CEO

John O’Reilly

CEO of The Body Life Clinic
John O'Reilly CEO & MD of The Body Life Clinic
John O’Reilly CEO of  The Body Life Clinic

About John

John O’Reilly is the CEO of The Body life Clinic and a native of Bailieborough, Co. Cavan. He has worked in the medical field all of his life, in one incarnation or another.

John started out as a graduate of the Irish Ambulance training Institute as a medic. In his first year he was appointed as a personal medic to a USA Dignitary, then for
a Saudi Royal Sheikh.

He’s traveled extensively all over the globe, but eventually returned to his native Cavan. Soon after, he made the decision to go-it-alone, fulfilling his ambition to open his own clinic.

He then graduated as a Holistic Therapist and then as a Body life Therapist. He is the only PowerMedic Laser Therapist in Ireland, after traveling to Denmark to train in the use of the
GigaLaser Fertility Program.

Goals & Belief’s

His goal is to help people from all walks of life. To give them the ability to access and take charge of their health and well being.

This can be anything from a sports injury to daily stress or hard hitting depression, to a person or couples own Fertility. He believes in this, because everyone deserves this “Quality of Life”.