Harmony OG Kush Terpene-Infused E-Liquid

Traces of the terpene linalool (Lavender) and pinene (Pine) for an Earthy taste and smell.

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The legendary O.G. Kush strain is shrouded in mystery, as its full origins and genetics are unknown and the urban legends live on. As the story goes, it was the love child of the famous Indian Chemdawg mated with Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush in the 70’s. It is also claimed that one day the creator of it corrected someone who erroneously said it was “Mountain Grown” when it was really “Ocean Grown” or “OG” and the name has stuck since then. The rumours are as juicy as its flavour! This strain has recognizable traces of the terpene linalool, for a lavender flavour, and pinene, for a potent pine, Earthy taste and smell.

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