Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Gehad’s expertise in pain management along with the revolutionary line of Regenerative medicine has recently been a game-changer. He was the First doctor in Ireland to introduce pain management using your own stem cells and was the founder of Medica Stem Cells Clinics.

Our mission is to help you enjoy a better quality of life that is with least pain possible if not completely pain free using non-invasive techniques. Uniquely fully qualified Orthopedic Consultants are also part of our team to provide the most comprehensive and best clinical opinion to our patients. Each case is individually assessed to draw down the most suited line of treatment and protocol.

Conditions We Treat:
Knee pain
Hip pain
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Neck pain
Back pain
Ankle & Foot pain
Soft tissue injuries
Partial tendon or ligament tear
Planter Fascitis
Chronic ulcers