PhysioTherm Infrared Cabins

A Little Bit About Our Cabins

The best heat for your health

The Physiotherm principle uses innovative approaches to infrared technology to apply heat very gently, efficiently and safely. The two most important components are the patented ceramic radiator filled with lava sand and our low-temperature infrared technology.

The Physiotherm Principle

The low-temperature infrared cabins from Physiotherm operate within the thermo-neutral zone (air temperature between 27 and 37 °C). At an air temperature of approx. 30 °C, infrared radiation is applied evenly and contact-free to the back via a specially developed radiator (ceramic radiator filled with lava sand). Heat is therefore applied to a limited area of 10 to 12% of the surface of the skin (ideally the back) via uninterrupted infrared radiation. The heat intensity can be adjusted to your comfort level or the heat absorption capacity of your skin.

The heat is distributed from the area of the spine via the blood. The gently heated blood (mixing at 90% unheated to 10% heated blood) flows to the inside of the body and the body temperature gently and continuously increases from the start (by 0.2 to 0.3 °C). Heat is then redistributed from within to the exterior of the body via the blood – and the body is heated throughout. The body can shed excess heat more easily by expanding the blood vessels in the skin and by sweating than at an ambient temperature of 37 degrees or above.

The Physiotherm principle therefore only puts a low strain on the circulation system, even in sessions of more than 30 minutes. It nonetheless allows the body to be “heated throughout” and to sweat intensely, and it improves circulation throughout the body.

Using Physiotherm infrared cabins can improve circulation and blood flow to organs, muscles, connective tissue and the skin, stimulate the metabolism, provide soothing messenger substances and modulate the immune system. Heavy sweating can also assist detoxification and purification. These are just some of the benefits of gentle deep heat that can help with a large number of conditions.